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The company offers multiple services to customers:


1- Real Estate Services:

- Finishing and decoration works .

- Restore the interiors of the units according to the desire of the client .

- We  established a specialized department in the work of finishing and decoration of various types and ores, which helps the customers to choose the colors and decorations that suits them and be very distinctive, with good prices and even with installments without interest .


2- Public services:


- Security services around the clock (Bridge Residence project).

- Maintenance of all facilities of the project (Bridge Residence project).

- Hygiene care for the project and the waste collection (Bridge Residence project).

- Periodic maintenance of elevators (Bridge Residence project).

 3-  Customer Account on the website of the company:

- To save time and effort to provide better service to the customers .

- Follow-up to Premiums Online .

- Follow-up construction of units .

- E-payment of installments .

- Request of Statement of account .

- And more of the outstanding electronic services to keep communicating and to cover all the requirements of our customers .

4- Customer Service:
- Customer Service call 16410 and press #2


7 days a week (from 10:30 pm to 8:00 pm ).