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Shorouk City Advantages






Shorouk City Advantages


 Pure Air

 Away from the Congestion of Population

 Green Areas

 Wonderful Urban Planning

 Availability of basic services: Shopping Mall “ Carrefur Hyper market”,   Masjeds, Schools, Hospitals

 Availability of Entertainment Services: Clubs, Dream Park 2 “SOON”,   Special Arkades



Shorouk City is 20 minutes away from Nasr City, and considered as the link between “Madinaty” and “New Heliopolis City”, and the link between “Isamielia Road” and “Suez Road”


Bridge Projects in Shorouk City

Bridge For Real Estate Development owns lots of projects in Shorouk City “1200 Units” which special characters and distinct models, where the best choice for the external interfaces and accuracy in performance. And that’s what customers testify during the last years. And the company seeking maintaining the same level of performance and to develop it’s work during the next period of time


Advantages of our projects

 Accuracy in utilizing internal units spaces

 Putting privacy in consideration in the internal design

 Choosing suitable outer colours which suits the location nature

 Spaces diversity

 Modern and classic interfaces

 Payment facilities with no interrest

 Various payment plans

 Internal finishing with payment facilities


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